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HISTORICAL TRUTH. In Nazi Nexus, once more Edwin Black leaves all those interested in historical truth very much in his debt.
EDWIN BLACK DOES IT AGAIN. Nazi Nexus outlines the horrible interface of American business, technology and science, as well as academic research in the quest of Hitler's genocide. This book is a must read book for anyone interested in the ethics of business and research, as well as the Holocaust.
CHILLING. CONNECTS THE DOTS. Edwin Black connects the dots masterfully in Nazi Nexus to remind us that Hitler's horrors were as deeply rooted in American board rooms as they were in German war rooms. It's impossible to observe current world events without seeing Nazi Nexus as a chilling cautionary tale.
A BREAKTHROUGH. Edwin Black in Nazi Nexus breaks through a terrible chapter in human history to expose the sad complicity of American corporations in the Holocaust.  Black’s research, investigation and reporting guarantee we CAN learn from the sad mistakes that allowed such atrocities to occur.
A GROUNDBREAKING BOOK. Edwin Black's groundbreaking book, IBM and the Holocaust, made a great impression on me. It documents, for the first time that an American company, IBM, bears a good deal of the moral responsibility for the preparation of the persecution of the Nazi victims. IBM and the Holocaust confirms the belief that the Holocaust was not only a cruel, unprecedented crime, but also an enormous bureaucratic undertaking.
AN ASTONISHING JOURNALISTIC SCOOP. This is an astonishing journalistic scoop and a piercing historical account: full of unknown details and amazing revelations. IBM and the Holocaust shows how the Nazi regime was able to draw immense benefit from what was the latest achievement in punch card technology by establishing a strictly business relationship with the leading company in this field. Black's central thesis that the registration and ensuing deportation of Jews was considerably facilitated by the use of Hollerith machines deserves our close attention.
IMPRESSIVE. Edwin Black's research has produced an impressive study. All of us interested in secret, heretofore unknown records on WWII, should learn from Black's work how much more could be revealed. IBM and the Holocaust shows us how little we were informed about aspects of the Holocaust we thought we knew everything about--and how far human beings on the Allied side could go to make a profit.
CAREFUL YET CHILLING. In this carefully researched, yet chilling book, Edwin Black relates how the corporate and technological zeal of IBM, and its CEO, Thomas J. Watson, contributed step-by-step to Nazi power, and advanced the Holocaust. One can only wonder how different the number of Holocaust deaths might have been throughout Europe had Hitler not enjoyed the strategic services of IBM and its punch card technology. This book is an awesome warning for the future.
UNIQUE AND IMPORTANT. In War Against the Weak, Edwin Black has again written a unique and important book. Until now eugenics in the US and in Germany have not been analyzed together. One assumed they had little in common. This was not so. Their joint past was bloody and their future is disquieting. 
AN EYE OPENER. War Against the Weak is an eye opener for those who think that eugenics was a European idea. Black's comprehensive research not only shows how the USA was a leader in eugenics, sterilization and attempts to create ideal racial stock, but that the Nazis not only learned some things from the
Americans, and even received financial support from American-based
foundations of high repute.
DRAMATIC AND LUCID. Lucid, dramatic and thought-provoking discoveries. Internal Combustion is a story that should be read by everyone concerned about the strange realities of our modern world. An indispensable contribution.