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Behind the Nexus

Writing Nazi Nexus was inspired by two unexpected events. For years, I had been lecturing at universities, museums, churches, and synagogues on my various books and investigative articles. These include IBM and the Holocaust, War Against the Weak, The Transfer Agreement, Banking on Baghdad, Internal Combustion, and such syndicated investigations as “Hitler’s Carmaker.” I had always spoken on just one of those books at a time.

That changed in November, 2006, when I was invited to deliver two back-to-back Kristallnacht presentations. Neither venue wanted me to speak on just one of my books. They each wanted me to tie together all my major research about American corporate complicity in the Holocaust—from the Ford Motor Company to Carnegie to Rockefeller to General Motors and, of course, IBM. Each of these corporations had a direct involvement in the actual genocide perpetrated by Hitler against the Jews. I found myself speaking and answering questions for hours.

I decided then to connect all the dots of my prior research and portray the scope of the Nazi Nexus. I started with a chapter for a German-language anthology entitled Das Heilige Nichts (Nothing Sacred); other contributors included Pope Benedict XVI.  That gave me the determination to synthesize into a single compact book the cold-hearted complicity of some of America’s most iconic corporate entities. I limited myself to those firms knowingly engaged in major support for the Holocaust itself, omitting many firms merely engaged in trading with the enemy. Hence, I did not include other guilty parties such as Coke which invented Fanta to enliven Nazi soldiers, Standard Oil which contributed mightily to the Luftwaffe, Eastman Kodak, or hundreds of others which regularly traded with the Reich during the War.

This volume will shock, sadden, and shake many as they look at the monetized evil constructed by the intersection of American corporate force and German genocidal desire. But Nazi Nexus should not emerge as a standalone revelation as much as a frightful invitation to further investigate the thick volumes upon whose shoulders Nazi Nexus stands. Behind each chapter is a copiously documented book or investigation. This book is not for spot checking. If you cannot read this entire book, do not read it at all. The monster must be viewed completely to be comprehended.

Nazi Nexus is a compilation of prior scholarship. Several dozen pages of acknowledgements can be found in each of my original volumes, listing the scores of research assistants, historians, archivists, and eye witnesses who have shared their labors and their hearts to help bring this information to life. Their names are forever enshrined in the original books. The sources for Nazi Nexus are primarily drawn from my other voluminously footnoted, published works. They are preserved in those editions in exhaustive detail.

However, some thanks are in order. First, I would like to thank the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for refusing to include any of this information in its various exhibits. There is an unwritten taboo at the USHMM about exploring the complicity of American corporations and the Holocaust. This has made my work all the more energized and appreciated by those who want the unvarnished truth.

I would also like to thank the many well-paid Holocaust historians for hire who have been sponsored by implicated corporations to dress up, obscure, spin and/or divert attention away from the towering culpability of these companies. The shame of these firms needs to be illuminated by independent investigation without the filter of bought-and-paid for corporate history. If anything, Nazi Nexus is a cry to independent investigative journalists and historians everywhere to independently document this final frontier of Holocaust accountability. The centers of such inquiries must not only be Detroit, New York, or Berlin, but also many centers of corporately endowed academia. After all, Hitler’s war against humanity was always wrapped in pseudo-academics, falsely medicalized, coated with fallacious race science and twisted intellectualism.

Ironically, most of these corporations have admitted their crimes and apologized. This includes Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and even General Motors. Only IBM has remained silent a decade after the revelations of its genocidal conduct first became known.

Now is a good time to remind the world that the Holocaust would have always occurred with or without assistance from America. But the assistance the Hitler regime did receive enormously magnified the astronomical dimensions and statistics of that genocide. Equally important, we must never deflect blame for the true perpetrators of the Holocaust: Hitler, the Nazis and Nazi supporters and henchmen throughout Germany and in many lands.

Hitler did it. But Hitler had help. Nazi Nexus chronicles the type of indispensable help Hitler did receive.

It would be wrong not to mention the events of late 2008 swirling in the background as Nazi Nexus finalized. During those months, America and the world witnessed American big business melting down after years of deception, avarice, and lack of accountability. Companies that will go to any lengths to further their misconduct at home find the pathway to misconduct in foreign lands a very short footbridge. Some of the modern day culprits are the same villains that collaborated with Germany during the Reich years. Above all, Nazi Nexus is a call to arms for young executives, emerging entrepreneurs, and reflective captains of industry to never again allow their corporate muscle, their technology, and their sheer business prowess to afflict innocent civilians.

Edwin Black
Washington, D.C.
January 1, 2009